Fantastic Figures, Oaxacan Ceramic Folk Art DVD

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Josefina Aguilar is a celebrated clay artist from Ocotlan de Morelos in Oaxaca, Mexico. Known internationally for her charming figures in clay, she has been perfecting her craft for three decades. Inspired by the ceramic work of her mother Dona Isaura, Josefina watched, imitated, and helped her as a child. It was during those years that she discovered the magic of clay. After the death of her mother in 1968, Josefina pursued her own creative path and today has captured the admiration of artists and collectors worldwide. This video takes you to the home studio of Josefina where she works daily to create her figures. You will witness the process beginning with the gathering and preparation of the clay, to the construction, firing, and finally the painting of her figures. Following a tradition practiced throughout Mexico, Josefina's husband and several of her nine children assist her daily. Many examples of her colorful figures are highlighted in this program. Fantastic Figures, Oaxacan Ceramic Folk Art is suitable for elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as adults. A Teacher's Guide with suggestions for classroom activities is included.

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