Flickering Lights: Days of the Dead DVD

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Imagine the soft flicker of candlelight, altars decorated in a riot of flowers, and colorful folk art decorating the streets, all in preparation for celebrating the Days of the Dead. Oaxaca, Mexico celebrates this important time of the year with great relish. Markets brim with skeletons, pan de muerto, and folk art in paper, tin, wood, papier-mâché, and clay. Altars constructed in public buildings, churches, and private homes are decorated with flowers, candles, photographs, fruit, and bread, giving tribute to those who have passed away. Take your students on a visual journey of discovery, explore the history of the Days of the Dead and see how it is celebrated in modern times. Offer them the opportunity to see the expression of folk art in this vibrant celebration. A Teacher's Guide with suggestions for classroom activities is included.

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