Jaguars, Mermaids, and More: The Masks of Mexico

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Winner of the Bronze World Medal from the New York Film Festival 2008 An astonishing array of masks from all over Mexico give life to this exciting new program. Inspired by centuries of traditions, masks have been an integral part of Mexican culture since pre-Columbian times, fulfilling the ceremonial and social needs of the people. Your students will be fascinated watching the viejitos, “old men,” dance their traditional dances wearing light-skinned masks that represent the Spanish influence in Mexico. Using a machete and a knife, renowned mask carver Orlando Horta, from the village of Tocuaro, gives a fabulous hands-on demonstration of mask carving from copal wood. A live demonstration by young lucha libre wrestlers makes a powerful statement about the importance of masks in the contemporary world. Xavier Garza, author and illustrator of the children’s book, Lucha Libre, talks about the influence of the lucha libre as a child and how it inspired the publication of his popular book. Entertaining for children and adults, this program will serve as a regular feature in your curriculum.

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